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What is Scaffold?

Scaffold is a temporary structure to support the original structure as well as workmen used it as a platform to carry on the construction or renovation works. Why need scaffold rental & installation services?

  1. Scaffold use for worker(s) as WORKING PLATFORM ACCESS when working at height  

  2. Scaffold installation without comply to safety requirement might have risk to fall for worker(s) when access the scaffold

Types of Scaffold

  1. Tubular scaffold system

  2. Ring lock scaffold system

  3. Modular aluminium scaffold system

    1. Mobile tower scaffold

    2. Cantilever scaffold

    3. Bridge scaffold

    4. Escalator access scaffold

  4. Metal A-frame scaffold system

NOTES: All scaffold installed for workers to use on-site COMPULSORY to check and endorse by competent & certified scaffolder and/or scaffold inspector with a GREEN TAG to hang on the scaffold.

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