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What is Reinstatement? Why need Reinstatement & Restoration services?

  1. Reinstatement is to make a renovated premise back to original form.

  2. Restoration services is to make sure all items install according to original layout & design.

What kind of premise(s) do reinstatement & restoration services required?

  1. Retail lots within shopping malls (Mall reinstatement)

  2. Commercial shop lots & buildings (factory, school & hospital etc) (Shop lot reinstatement)

  3. Office lot within office tower (Office reinstatement)

  4. Residences (terrace, condo, semi-D and bungalow etc) (House reinstatement)


  1. Pre-Reinstatement Work

    1. Purchase INSURANCE

    2. Attend SAFETY BRIEFING (if required)

    3. Submit WORK PERMIT application with required SAFETY DOCUMENTS

    4. SITE WALK THROUGH with client before start work for job preparation

    5. Make sure obtain WORK PERMIT APPROVAL before start work

    6. PEST CONTROL SERVICES by MALL PANEL CONTRACTOR (3rd Party) before start reinstatement work (If required)

  2. Reinstatement Work Start On-Site

    1. Before entering working site, change WORKING PASS from security office

    2. Install FLOOR & SITE PROTECTION at common walkway area

    3. Workers with PPE gear (safety vest, safety helmet, safety shoes and gloves subject to site requirement)

    4. MOBILIZING material, equipment and tools to enter working site

    5. Start PACKING items that to keep based on client request

    6. MOVING OUT items that required by client

    7. Start DISMANTLE and DEMOLISH unwanted items within the lot

    8. HACKING of flooring until concrete slab

    9. Concurrently, workers to PACK DEBRIS into gunny bag and MOVE OUT the bags from lot to throw into the rorobin provided/ordered which park at loading bay

    10. REPEAT step 7, 8 and 9 until the reinstatement work complete


    1. SPRINKLER dismantling work

    2. WET CHEMICAL system dismantling work (for F&B lot)

    3. LPG GAS piping dismantling work (for F&B lot)

    4. TELEPHONE LINE checking work (if required)

    5. PA SPEAKER checking work (if required)

    6. FLUSHING services (if required)

    7. AC / FCU / AC DUCTING services (if required)

  4. Touch Up Work After Reinstatement Work

    1. WALL plastering and painting work

    2. Existing original SPRINKLER level 1 piping to PAINT IN RED

    3. Existing original AC and exhaust ducting to PATCH BACK damage area with aluminium foil sticker

    4. COVER AC DUCTING hole with GI plate & aluminium foil sticker (if required)

    5. Floor TILES REPLACEMENT work (if required)

    6. Floor POLISHING work (FOR KIOSK) (if required)

    7. Pelmet, partition, bulkhead etc make good, replacement and new installation (if required)

NOTES:  Different mall or building management is having different requirement. For more accurate preparation, please check with mall fit out and/or building management team. 

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