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What is Hoarding?

Hoarding installed to barricade the working site within a construction or renovation site for safety purpose from common public access. HG is one of the TOP HOARDING SPECIALIST company in Malaysia. HG currently is the panel hoarding & visual contractor for most of the shopping malls within the country.

HG provides HOARDING SERVICES as stated below:

  1. Hoarding INSTALLATION (Indoor & Outdoor)

  2. Hoarding MODIFICATION


  4. Hoarding DISMANTLING


TITAN is an Australian Patented product, designed and developed in 2009, patented in 2011 and after extensive infield testing throughout 2012, was released to the wider market in 2013. TITAN is an AS 4687 Engineer designed, Engineer certified, Free-standing A class construction & renovation Hoarding System that requires ZERO fixings to floors or ceilings. On June 2019, HG had signed the distributorship for Titan Hoarding System (Australia) for Malaysia market. Types of Hoarding (Check out for more details)

  1. External Outdoor Hoarding

    1. Construction hoarding

    2. Building facade hoarding

    3. Shop front hoarding

    4. Project hoarding

    5. Site hoarding

    6. Metal deck hoarding

    7. Metal plate hoarding

    8. Metal corrugated sheet hoarding

    9. GI sheet hoarding

    10. Marine plywood hoarding

    11. Scaffold hoarding

  2. Internal Indoor Hoarding

    1. White PVC hoarding

    2. White polykem hoarding

    3. MDF board hoarding

    4. Marine plywood hoarding

    5. Gypsum board hoarding

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